Welcome to the web-portal of the Pandonia project, powered by LuftBlick and funded by the European Space Agency (ESA).

Pandonia is a ground-based remote sensing network. The main instrument of Pandonia will be Pandora-2S, which is currently being developed under this project as an evolution of the existing Pandora spectrometer system.

Pandora-2S at Innsbruck Pandora at Tenerife
Pandora-2S at Innsbruck and Pandora at Tenerife

The Pandonia network emphasizes:

  • Homogeneous calibration of instrumentation
  • Low instrument manufacturing and operation costs
  • Central data processing and formatting
  • Quick delivery of final dataproducts

The planned data products of Pandonia are:

  • Total and tropospheric ozone (O3) column
  • Total and tropospheric nitrogen dioxide (NO2) column
  • Spectral aerosol optical depth (AOD) in the ultraviolet (>300nm) and visible range
  • The possibility of adding other data products such as sulfur dioxide (SO2), formaldehyde (CH2O), and water vapor (H2O) columns is also explored

The reference instruments of Pandonia will be at the IzaƱa Atmospheric Observatory, Tenerife, Spain, which will also be an instrument test site together with the observation platform of the Biomedical Physics, Medical University Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria. All network instruments will be traceable to reference instruments, through intercomparison with a mobile reference unit visiting network locations.

A limited number of instruments will be financed directly by the project. Institutions owning a Pandora or Pandora-2S will have the possibility to join Pandonia, if they agree to provide local support and submit/share their data. As part of Pandonia they will receive:

  • Operation and maintenance support by the project
  • Central data processing
  • Calibration support by the project through regular visits by a mobile reference instrument

The locations of Pandora stations


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